DOWNLOAD MP3: PREVAILING PRAYERS By Apostle Joshua Selman ( Audio)

PREVAILING PRAYERS By Apostle Joshua Selman

DOWNLOAD MP3: PREVAILING PRAYERS By Apostle Joshua Selman ( Audio) 4

In the kingdom of God, things don’t just happen because someone desires them to happen. It takes the application of the specific principles to realize a specific result in the kingdom. The first and most important principle into the kingdom of God is Jesus Christ, then it is in Him that we have many other keys that opens various doors in the Kingdom of God . One of the keys is prevailing prayers. Prayer is a powerful key that unlock many blessings and releases many endowment from God on to man. It is for man to pray and God to grant requests, God does not pray to anyone or anything. In other word part of the characteristics of man according to spiritual relevance is the ability to pray onto God. There have been the time when people need to be thought the reasons why they need to pray. The teaching has yielded prayer warriors and prayer addicts but not all of them are truly prayer champion, because, although, they are physical seen as men and women of prayers, the result of their prayers is either not proportional to their groaning or there is no result at all. This now leads to the need for teaching on how to pray the prayers that God answers. That one need to drink water regularly does not mean one have to drink water always and drink more water without eating other food and then expect to live a healthy life. Such is the life of the person who knew the need to pray but does not know which principles and agreement guides the prevailing prayers. To learn more on the components of prevailing prayers, listen to this sermon and you will be blessed beyond doubt.

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