DOWNLOAD MP3: A FRIEND IN NEED By Pastor E.A Adeboye (Audio)

A FRIEND IN NEED By Pastor E.A Adeboye

DOWNLOAD MP3: A FRIEND IN NEED By Pastor E.A Adeboye (Audio) 2

A Friend is the person who knows your weakness and flaws and choose to stay with you even when things are so tough for you. You do not need friends only when you are broke and could not hold yourself together, you also need friends when you are happy and celebrating. However, the friends you made when you were in your toughest days have potentials to be with you even when you become rich. The quality of the friends that you keep will determine the direction and the quality of your life. The company you keep shape your character and mould your attitude to life. Therefore, It is important that you keep good companies of people who value what you value and detest what you do not like. ‘ Bad company’ the Bible says corrupts good manners. Just as you need physical friends, you need to understand  the importance of your spiritual friendship with Jesus in this present world. Although you can not see Jesus here now and share you mind with Him every time, when you identify and help someone in need for the love of Christ, your labour of love will be greatly rewarded by God. You will not maintain a good and productive friendship with men if you fail in the relationship with God . To learn the importance of friendship and how to make friends of good qualities, download this sermon now.

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