DOWNLOAD MP3: ALWAYS ON TIME By Pastor E.A Adeboye (Audio)

ALWAYS ON TIME By Pastor E.A Adeboye

DOWNLOAD MP3: ALWAYS ON TIME By Pastor E.A Adeboye (Audio) 1

Our God is always available in time of need to help and deliver us from every forms of problems or inconvenient situation that we may find ourselves. Many people thought of God as man, so they assume that it is only at a special time that God do visit humanity. They have forgotten the omnipresent nature of God. It does not matter what the kind of situation you are facing now, the load of fears that is griping your heart or the numerous uncertainty that you can not explain, the help of God is always available in time need. This is not just to motivate or just cajole you. There is nothing in your life that is hidden from God and non of your experience is a surprise to God. Therefore your present situation or future fear are not bigger nor imposible for God to take away. If you can apply the right principles that guide the intervention of God into the affairs of men, then you will know that God has been waiting for you to involve Him in your affairs. Many times, because we find ourselves in a situation different from what we once desired or expected, we thought we must have gone away from God or that God must have given up on us or punishing us for our childhood sins. However, the scriptures says ” Everything woks together for good onto them who love God”. Your responsibility to the contract of divine help and timely assistance is “your love for God. When you call on the lord according to His word, at the right time in your life, He will help and deliver you from your burden and grant on to you the miracles you long expect. Listen to this message for a sound teaching that will build up your holy faith.

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