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Samaria is a place that.. Even though they were all suppose to be the children of Israel, there was a quarrel, and they broke into two,, the people of Judah that stayed with King David and his lineage, and also the ten northern tribes that went after rebellion.

So there was a sharp demarcation, and they said that instead of all of them being called the Israelites, they now allocated the name “Jew” to those that belonged to Judah, and those that follow the other ten tribes became the Samaritans.

And this became a very big theological argument in their midst over the years, and it is always a line of breakage in that particular nation up till today, only God is gathering them together and bringing down that barrier, preparing them for the end time battle.

But the issue before us is this:

When Jesus was born, He was born a Jew, and by that, He must have nothing to do with the Samaritans. In fact, they regarded that if you touch the Samaritans, you have contaminated yourself, you’ve nullified yourself, and no matter how thirsty you are, if a Samaritan is drinking from a cup, you cannot use it, if a Samaritan is sitting on a bench, you will not like to sit there.

But the Lord Jesus, there was something pushing Him, something was the focus of His life that I want us to consider together. And I will be looking at it from the Lord Jesus own perspective, and what He has asked us to look at right now.

This is a powerful message that emphasizes the need for evangelism in our present age. Please download and listen to it right now.


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Bro. Gbile Akanni is a renowned Nigerian Preacher, author and teacher of the Word. He is the president of Living Seed, a trans-denominational ministry which is situated at Gboko, Benue State Nigeria. This great man of God is known for his in-depth knowledge of the word of God and undying passion for the souls of men.


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