DOWNLOAD MP3: ANCIENT WORSHIP BY Apostle Joshua Selman (Audio)

ANCIENT WORSHIP BY Apostle Joshua Selman

DOWNLOAD MP3: ANCIENT WORSHIP BY Apostle Joshua Selman (Audio) 2

There is power in the outbreak of revival. Every revival is a generational blessing to the children of men. As important and expedient as revival is, it does come to bare by a mere wish or through a round table talk. Genuine revival of the soul is experienced when principles are put in place and men rose to the responsibility of being revived. We can only channel revival when we are revived personally and our identity is registered in the the spirit realms. To experience any form of positive change and transformation in a family, clan, region, country or continent, there is need for the presence of shameless intercessor. An intercessor that will stand in between God and man to declare transformation and newness into the territory. Equally, there must be the presence of  dependable watchmen who stood in the place of  prayers and watch from hours to hours to know the need of the people and the will of God par time. It is important to know and understand that kingdom principles are not the opinion of anyone but the keys that has been tested and proved to be valid. For any principle to walk in the kingdom of God there must be a genuine submission to the will of God and His callings. Many wish to be used by God and make changes in thier environments but they do not consider total submission to the will of God. God raises men that seek him and depends on Him not those who call him and give Him direction of where they want Him to be In thier lives and where never to be. To be used by God, He must be full of you. This is a powerful message to the growing ministers and devoted believers who have the urge for spiritual transformation.

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