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A major different between a hunter and a farmer is the system of rearing. A hunter only hunt down his games and devour them without any plan of replacing such game.while on the other hand, a farmer picks an animal and feed it to mature and the animal will have the capacity to produce young ones that will later be fed by the same farmer and reproduce in hundred folds. When the hunter is concern about the opportunity of the day, the farmer is concern with a life time opportunity. What keeps the earth running is not a magic or a guess work, It is a system. There is solar system, there are biological systems there are physiological system that forms law and guide the operation of days and night, winter and summer without interruption by any force. You body is made up of systems( respiratory, digestive and reproductive system) you don’t really need to be the one that start and end the system in your body there are organs and enzymes who are specialist in acting upon your reflex actions. System is the structure that shape the activities of men to achieve desired goals. Your life will be operating at the point of a trail and error if you do not make provision for the system that will produce your desired results. This is a powerful message on self development and creation of repetitive success. You will be blessed listening.

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