DOWNLOAD MP3: CHANGE YOUR GEAR By Pastor Sam Salau (Audio)

CHANGE YOUR GEAR By Pastor Sam Salau

DOWNLOAD MP3: CHANGE YOUR GEAR By Pastor Sam Salau (Audio) 4

Stagnancy is not the delight of God at any time in a man’s life. Although God rewards patience and the ability to wait upon on Him, He does not have joy seeing you as a child revolving at a point for a long time. The good thing about the waiting plan of God is that, at the moment you are waiting on Him, He will surely be providing the opportunities required for you to grow and know new things which will serves as an elevator to propel you into your next stage of life. Therefore God do not delay a man, He only trains a man through patience. What delay a man is man actions and the content of His mind. You need to set yourself on the journey of change when you discover that your life instead of going forward is going backwards. When you noticed that you are only improving at a stable pace that does not signal divine help or when you are not even moving at all in the journey of life. To change your life, you need to first change your mind. Your mind is the central processing unit for your actions, believes, norms and ideologies. Until you change that mind that contains only substances that has kept you at a spot, you will not be able to retain the thought that moves people forward. The fist step to renewing mind is by acquiring relevant knowledge from different set of people. Here is a deep teaching on the need for change of life and to bring about change in your life. I am convinced you will blessed listening.

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