DOWNLOAD MP3: CHOOSE LIFE By Apostle Joshua Selman (Audio)

CHOOSE LIFE By Apostle Joshua Selman

DOWNLOAD MP3: CHOOSE LIFE By Apostle Joshua Selman (Audio) 4

Your decision more than your condition determines the quality of your life and also, your decision define your destiny. In other words, the quality of your decision can be measure by the quality of your destiny fulfilment. Every choice and every decision in life is connected to a consequence which can be positive or negative. You are not at liberty to choose consequences, only your decision and choices has the power to determine consequences. There is a need at this junction to differentiate between a wish and a decision. While a wish is a strong desire to acquire or act in way to achieve identified goals and objectives, a decision is a desire to have or do any thing to achieve an identified goals or objectives that is backed up with the determination to endure and stay committed to the consequences of such endurance. The difference between a desire and wish is commitment. When you add a strong commitment to desires then it forms a decision. Desire is important but it is not sufficient to produce any glorious destiny without commitment. The most important of all decision one can make is to know the Lord and be exceptional in one’s work with God. You must also be willing and ready to make the decision to contend for a formidable belief system, the decision to be spiritually transformed. There are many knowledge to tap into through this message.

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