DOWNLOAD MP3: FAITH TOWARDS GOD By Apostle Ude Educkuwu (Audio)

FAITH TOWARDS GOD By Apostle Ude Educkuwu

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Faith as explained in the book of Hebrews is the substance of things hope for, evidence of things not seen. What brings about faith is hope, what create hope are the words that has been heard. Either the words of assurance or the possiblity of attaining a specific height. Faith towards God does not just exist on it own. Genuine faith depends on the unfailing words of God that give absolute assurance. The knowledge of what faith actually mean can not be completed without the understanding of how faith works and the kingdom principles that guide it’s operation. Faith in God is total submission to the mercy of God without any other alternatives. Many people discover how little their faith is when it comes to trusting for quick interventions but could not bear the pain of God not granting their request as expected, then they resolve to adding their personal effort in finding other alternatives should God refuse to intervene. You don’t have faith in God when you still consider your alternatives. The giants of faith in the ages past prefer to endure trials, tribulation, and humiliations through their faith in God. They said ” If God safe us fine, if He did not fine, it is not because He can not safe us, He just decided not to safe, then who are we to question His decision. Faith comes from hearing and hearing by the words of God. Therefore, to increase your faith in God, you must be conversant with His words and load your heart with the possibilities of His promises for you. When we need provision we tender our request by faith to God. When we need healing we command our wholeness in faith and when we are faced with very difficult situations we depend on the gracious arm of God through faith in His love and ability. Learn more from this sermon.

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