DOWNLOAD MP3: FIGHT OF FAITH Part 1 & 2 By Apostle Ude Educkuwu ( Audio)

FIGHT OF FAITH Part 1 & 2 By Apostle Ude Educkuwu

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Faith is the power behind our conviction. It is not an emotional reaction to teachings, neither is it a guess and prove action. True faith is not without doubt, it overcome doubt with accurate conviction of the authenticity in the word of God. The current dilemma faced by many Christian folks is not the ability to physically confess thier faith in God, It is rather the inner conviction of the reality of thier expression. Many Christian folks act out in a view to fulfill the faith mandate and claim thier heritages in God but they doubt the possibility of thier intentions or the possibility of what ever they trust God for. A critical force against the actualization of the product of faith is the fear of embarrassment, should God not do what one asked for or declare. Many thought that if they declare a thing and it was not established as they thought then their faith is useless and that it is not genuine. This belief system has cause so many young believers to derail from the right path of faith. That you declared something and it does not come to pass is in itself a test of faith. What do you do when your faith does not give you what you professed. The three Hebrew men thrown in the burning furnace did not have faith in God to be delivered from the furnace, they have faith that even if God did not deliver them is not because He can not deliver them but His will surpasses thiers. To win the fight of faith against fear and doubt, it is important that you learn how to act on God words and develop a deep sense of trust in Him that even if things did not work out as you desire, it does not change who God is. There are many things to learn form this sermon, listen to it and you will blessed.Click the links below to download the sermon now 



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