DOWNLOAD MP3: FINAL VICTORY By Pastor E.A Adeboye (Audio)

FINAL VICTORY By Pastor E.A Adeboye

pastor adeboye

Your victory in any endeavour of life begins with you. Until you can control yourself, your desires for vain things, your urge for lustful things and greed for all things that you set your eyes on, you will always remain a slave to someone or something. Therefore, in order to position yourself for a dependable victory at last, you must first conquer yourself. The devil, our greatest external enemy does not get tired or weary anytime in his dealings to bring us down. Being an angel, he was made strong and energetic, However, greater is He that is in us then he that is in the world. The devices of the devil are never beyond our ability with the help of God almighty. Therefore in order to have a constant experience of victory, you must be aware of the need to keep yourself under the control of God. Any one who would not strive to control himself will eventually be controlled by external forces. We are not saying the devil will stop chasing your soul when you put yourself under the control of God and self discipline, We mean though the devil stair up temptations and situation that is capable if enslaving you and put you under his control, you will be able to stand in victory always and victorious  through the help of God. To know how you can maintain constant experience of victory and dominion, listen to this teaching and you will glad you did.

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