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FOR YOUR GLORY By Apostle Edu Udechukwu

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Almighty God is a loving creator and this has been displayed in so many ways towards humanity. He made us to live over all things that He created, He gave us dominion over them all. According to His word, He has made us in His own image that we may live with authority on the surface of the earth. All this has He done to show His love onto us. When you see the traces of love without jealousy, there is not true love in there. The positive jealousy is not to harm the loved one or to get what they have at all cost. The kind of God jealousy over mankind is synonymous to the jealousy of a loving partner who lay his life and all that He has for the safety and well being of the person now seeing the partner giving all accolade to a strange person who knew nothing about the sacrifices. We cause God to jealous whenever we give His Glory to anything or anybody. And the jealousy of God is beyond human control. A vital principle to access the unlimited power of God is the principle of submission to the will of God and learning to act,talk, reason and live for the glory of God. This sermon is message of a clarion call to us onto living fo the glory of God, listen to it and you will blessed.

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