DOWNLOAD MP3: GOD OUR DELIVERER By Apostle Joshua Selman ( Audio)

GOD OUR DELIVERER By Apostle Joshua Selman

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The personality of God is not limited to a static form. Although He remains forever and time does not change who He is, He operates in various dimensions that is beyond human comprehension. The ability to efficiently claim the promises and provisions of God is not only in the knowing what those things are but in understanding the principles that guide thier actualisation. It is important to learn that everything we need or desire at some point in our life is presently available in God, However our ability to access Him in right dimension of His personality accurately land our request to our bossom. You must at junction note that despite the unchanging nature of God, the dimension of the God of Abraham is not the same with that of the God of Isaac neither can the both be compared with the dimension of the God of Jacob. The authentic key to the riches in the kingdom of God is Jesus Christ. In Jesus then are keys to unlock various doors in the heavenly places and claim any of God’s dimension that our lives requires par time. To get deliverance, you must understand the principles that open the dimension of God the deliverer, for kingdom prosperity you must learn the ways of the God the provider and for Peace, you must subscribe to knowledge of the God of all peace. This series intensively explained the dimension of God as the greatest deliverer.Download the message now and you will be glad you did.

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