DOWNLOAD MP3: KEPT BY HIS MERCIES By Apostle Edu Udechukwu (Audio)

KEPT BY HIS MERCIES By Apostle Edu Udechukwu

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The mercy of God is a great intervention that is bestowed upon man as a result of compassion. As emotional as the word may sound, it is not just a word to describe an emotion, it is rather an action word produced from willingness to help. In order for you to have mercy on someone, you must have provided or acted in a way to minister mercy on to such person. Therefore, the mercy of God is a favourable act of God towards man. Although the mercy of God does not depends on those who are willing, nor those that are working for it but on God himself. We live in a world that is full of risks and uncertainties, a world where nothing is stable and even the goodly people share in the lots of the wicked. How then can one be singled out by the mercy of God even though the mercy is not gotten by works, efforts or willingness. It is important to note at this junction that everything in the kingdom of respond to the ordinances of principles. Giving produce blessings, humbleness produce glorification, obedience produce greatness. To receive mercy therefore, it is important you check the leagues you belong. Mercy flows as a covenant in families, that even if you are born in a cursed family, there is a big possibilities for you to receive mercy by the nature of your connecting to such families. You attract mercy when you show mercy onto other, and God is merciful, even to keep to end those who trust and obey His words. Here is a very important teaching on the subject of mercy and how you can attract the mercy for God and that of man. You shall be blessed listening.

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