DOWNLOAD MP3: KNOWING GOD’S WILL By Bro Gbile Akanni (Audio)

KNOWING GOD’S WILL By Bro Gbile Akanni

DOWNLOAD MP3: KNOWING GOD'S WILL By Bro Gbile Akanni (Audio) 4

Marriage as an institution was created by God from the begining when He made Eve to complement the creation of Adam. Both male and female are created by God for specific purposes and identified needs to meet. Adam and Eve have been refered to be the most luckiest couple on earth because, it was God that made them for each other and none of them need to walk a mile in search of the right partner nor pray earnestly so as not to chose wrongly. The two did not need to dress in a way to entice the right suitor nor talk in a particular tune to arouse the feeling of their potential spouse, God gave them to each other. Most often, nowadays, the energy people put into getting it right as far as marriage is concerned if transfered to fulfilling purpose is capable of transforming the whole world into God’s most desired planet. Although few people are lucky and  got thier desired specs as husband or as wives, many lament the consequences of thier marital choices. In a way to choice right and live above the pain of marital issues, you must be willing to embrace God’s will in your marriage. Learn more on God’s will in marriage through this teaching.

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