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Marriage is a vital issue that is always talked about almost every hour at various  part of the world. There are no society where marriage is not recognized. As general as the idea may sound, the result and objectives of marriages are not the same with those people who contracted the relationship. In the African setting, divorce is at higher rate and there has been no hope of reduction in the resent time. Marriage becomes a trap and unbearable  when either of the parties involved find reason why the relationship should not continue. At this junction, it has been discovered that one of the common causes of marriage failure is improper knowledge of what relationship is. If you do not understand what relationship really means, types of relationships and levels of relationship, you will become a sharp thorn in the life of anybody you are in a relationship with. There is a need for you to understand the relationship the exist between your own spirit, soul and body if you will personally live a meaningful life. When you can not keep your own self together without damaging one or more of your dimensional being, how then can you keep other people safe with you. The second level of relationship is your relationship with God. Anybody that does not have a good relationship with God can not have a good relationship with man. Just as the relationship of man and God is a covenant relationship, marriage relationship is also a covenant relationship. When you understand the objects of God’s covenant in your relationship with Him, and you fully observed them, you will be a blessing to anyone you are in a relationship with who also learn to understand the dynamics of relationship with God. To learn more on the concept of marriage relationship and how to make the right relationship decision, listen to this teaching and you will be blessed.

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