DOWNLOAD MP3: SCHOOL OF PRAYERS By Pastor Daniel Olawande (Audio)

SCHOOL OF PRAYERS By Pastor Daniel Olawande

DOWNLOAD MP3: SCHOOL OF PRAYERS By Pastor Daniel Olawande (Audio) 4

Any form of Godly strategy that produce result from God can be defined as prayer.And if it isn’t from God, it is incantations or chants. Many people took prayers as the tools of begging God for something whereas the true children does not beg they ask with confidence in the love of their father. Our prayers as children does not change who God is, it is rather His assent that move our prayers and give them directions. What makes prayers powerful is person you are praying to, What makes prayers effective is the person you are praying through, and what makes prayers evidential is the one assisting you in prayers. Therefore, It is important to understand that for your prayer to be powerful, you must be praying to the Almighty God, so that your request will be granted and you will have results you must be praying through Jesus Christ, and for you to be able to have evidence for your prayer through revelations and Inspiration you must be praying with help of the Holy Spirit. The effectiveness of prayers is gotten from the promises and covenants that has been given by God onto those who call on His name. Anyone that knows what has been written concerning him can never be written off in the issues of destiny. There are many things to learn on the concept of prayers, download this sermon and listen to it, I am confident that your experience will never be the same.

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