DOWNLOAD MP3: THE COOK OF DESTINY By Pastor Daniel Olawande (Audio)

THE COOK OF DESTINY By Pastor Daniel Olawande

DOWNLOAD MP3: THE COOK OF DESTINY By Pastor Daniel Olawande (Audio) 4

Destiny is the expression of God’s intentions programmed in the life of a person. The concept of destiny has been seen from different angles by different schools of thought. Some said destiny can be altered and some said nothing can change the destiny. Some said one can choose the destiny one desired to fulfill while some said you can force a destiny on yourself. The genuine representation from the scriptures is the declaration made by God onto Jeremaiah the prophet “I knew you while in your mother wombs and I have called you before you were born’. It may seems archaic and unrelatable to you, the fact remains that whenever there is a reproduction between man and woman a principle is activated from the physical realm which will strike a cord in the spiritual real to produce another spirit that is a carrier of fresh assignment to fulfill. Your background or the circumstances that surrounds your birth can not determine your destiny neither can the legality of the union that produces you described your destiny. Your birth may be a mistake to men tl, you are an intentional product of God. Therefore, for you to know your destiny and how to walk in it, you must apply the right principle upon which the revelation of destiny rest. Destiny can not be changed but not everybody live to fulfill their destiny because there are principles that activates destiny and there are forces that frustrate destinies. To know more about the principles that unlock destiny and how to fight the good fight of faith, listen to this teachings and you will be glad you did.

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