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WALKING WITH GOD By Bro Gbile Akanni mp3

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God is going to walk deliberately with you as you desire to walk with Him. Each time God took His people out of bondage there is joy on one side and there is tremendous sadness in the other. While the heavens is rejoicing at what the Lord has done I n your life, the devil and all his hosts in Egypt say, woe! As the children of the Lord left Egypt, they had a question, “which way shall we go from here?” god did not lead them by the way of the Philistines, although that was shorter because He did not want them to see war, without first seeing His wonders and be forced to go back to Egypt.

So, God decided to take them through the way that was longer, so that they would experience the power of God in their lives. So, on your journey, God is going to make you experience His power as you go, He is going to allow you face situations that will bring you face to face with the raw power of the Lord Jesus Christ, He wants to give you an exciting experience of His power. He also wants to gr… You really need to listen to this powerful teaching!

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