DOWNLOAD MP3 : THE PURPOSE OF MARRIAGE By Apostle Michael Orokpo (Audio)

THE PURPOSE OF MARRIAGE By Apostle Michael Orokpo

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Marriage as an institution is the gift of God onto the man and woman. They were created and brought together so that they can both become one and jointly archive desired objectives alongside the purpose of God. In the recent time, despite the increase in population and various advantages for proximity, many people still remain single while some are tired of entering into relationship. Some as a result of the bitter experiences they heard other people share become unapproachable and some other folks have seen marriage as an overrated institution among men. These experiences and propositions are not the initial plans of God, they do not form features of His purpose for the creation of marriage in the first place. As a child of God, marriage is made for you to enable you and your partner to jointly fulfill the will of God. Many people have problems in their relationship because they don’t always learn to know their personal purpose of living and then know who best fit into such purpose and whose purpose they could fit into. Love becomes an inappropriate word to use when the situation and challenges of life strike the relationship of the so-called soul mate. They then realize that emotion is not enough to be the reason to contract marriage, that beauty is not a dependable element for lasting relationship but purpose and God’s will made a meaningful relationship. Here is a deep teaching on the purpose of marriage that you can not afford to miss. You shall be blessed listening.

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