DOWNLOAD MP3: THE SEED THAT WINS By Bro Gbile Akanni (Audio)

THE SEED THAT WINS By Bro Gbile AkanniDOWNLOAD MP3: THE SEED THAT WINS By Bro Gbile Akanni (Audio) 2

Winning in life, that is, being an overcomer, a conqueror, while it is important to put in place some principles and arrangements, it is a genetic issue before it becomes an activity. There are elements of victory in the genes of all children of God and this equip them to overcome any situation that comes their ways. The seed is the mighty nature of God that is greater than any other external forces that can be mentioned both on earth and in heaven. It becomes a problem when one did not have the seed in one’s gene. Many people strive and work hard in life, they put in place all human possible tactics and principles in a way to be successful and influential but they end up being the opposite of what they desire. While some get successful in whatever they assume to be called success through the diabolical means which is not without repercussion any ways, those who are not willing to go through that  but employed some man made principles still could not attain success. This was not because the principles are not legit nor unrealistic, it is rather because there is a spirit within man that produces victory and success. If this spirit is then missing or contaminated, some deliberately chose the ways of the devil and surrender to his will then get what they want to assume they succeeded without God not knowing that any success outside God is a trap that  belonging to satan. To know how to attract the seed that wins and how to cultivate it in your life for a sustainable victorious experience listen to this teaching and your life will never the same.

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