FRUITFULNESS BY DEATH By Apostle Edu Udechukwu

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The beneficiary stage of any given seed is the stage of fruitfulness when it produce different copies of itself. When a seed is visible and mobile, although is has the inherent ability to produce many other seed, It is still limited. Until a seed is planted and exposed to heat from sun, water from the soil and experience decomposition process it can not bring forth it’s inherent quality of multiplication. This is applicable to the life of men too. For you to be fruitful in any of your endeavour, there is a need for the season of moulding and crafting. The season of learning many things about your goals and experiencing many strange things you never thought exist. If a seed be uprooted few days after planting, such seed will not geminate let alone producing desired fruit, If you opt out of your moulding process as a result of the pain and hardship, you may not be able to influence anyone that will experience same thing in the future.A lot of people make it to the top in life using many approaches, some adopt the kingdom principles which is sustainable for many generations while some devise their own cunning ways to get to the top. Those who get to the top and become influencers at the expense of the genuine principles may have the whole world to their care, but their souls are pierced and exchange for their worldly possession. There may be many ways to the top, but the best way to be an influencer is to be one with God and live by His principles. To learn more on the concept of fruitfulness and the sustainable effect of the word of God, listen to this sermon and you will be glad you did.

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