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Download SECURING SPIRITUAL AUTHORITY mp3 by Bro Gbile Akanni

Download Securing Spiritual Authority by Bro Gbile Akanni [Audio Message] 1

What does God need to do to release authority upon our lives? How do we pursue it? How do we run with it? How do we wait on God until this very very prerequisite implement for ministry has come upon our lives?
Read these passages carefully again and again. Matt.20.22 – 23 and Rom.1.1 – 5

After reading those powerful passages. Now the question is;

How do we receive or acquire divine authority over that which God has called us, especially as we are beginning now to see the road that God is placing us as apex leaders of denominations of theological seminaries where we are making pastors, of different levels of the ministry that represents the bulk of the church of Christ in our generation?.

How do we carry what it takes to be able to handle what God has called us to do?
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