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Fellowship With The Father By Apostle Arome Osayi MP3

[MP3] Fellowship With The Father - Apostle Arome Osayi 1

The texture of what people fellowship in, can actually affect them for over a decade or so. When one is wrongly witnessed to with inaccuracy, it becomes the most difficult experience because it can influence him in so many ways than he knows.

Therefore, the need to build accuracy, the need to build with precision, the need to build a close relationship with the Holy Spirit, the need to have the spirit speak to you and the word confirming it, the need to have the witness of the spirit inside, and the word (spoken) on the outside, the need for the pressure, the need for the stress, the need for the emphasis for alignment and precision is so that there can be a pipe that gushes and oozes out with a grace of God, a stent of God which doubles as a blessing.

John understood the mystery of the efficacy of fellowshipping with the Father so he began to interpret as much as he could, the necessity of both the corporate and personal fellowship with the Father. When God uses a man to establish His kingdom in men, He makes you come to an understanding of the importance of your fellowship. Because your fellowship with the Father brings you into a r… You really need to listen to this powerful message!

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