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MUST DOWNLOAD: How To Grow Spiritually by Apostle Joshua Selman


How To Grow Spiritually By Apostle Joshua Selman

SERMON BY: Apostle Joshua Selman
SERMON TITLE: How To Grow Spiritually


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If I ask you how you grow spiritually, what will you tell me? ” I read my Bible everyday, I pray everyday”. But the question is have you not been doing it? Have you been growing? We just open the Bible in the morning and read anywhere, the purpose of reading the Bible for any believers is just to cure themselves from the guilt of not feeling spiritual. They just open any scripture ” and Abraham did this” then they open another one ” the Lord will perfect all that concerns you” then they pray ” Lord I thank you, today is blessed I speak to this day”, And after many years they don’t grow. Brothers and sisters, that’s not how we grow in the kingdom, you never grow just by looking at a Bible and mumbling words.

I want to show you how to grow. The first key to grow is in Jeremiah 29:13. This is called the law of encounter, this is the first mystery that is responsible for growth in the kingdom. Your motive and your hunger for God victors your prayer, victors your reading of Bible and books. Many of those who publish the bible are not born again, printing the Bible and working around it yet it does not bring growth. There is a depth of hunger, read your Bible, everyone who found God in the Bible search for Him with EVERYTHING. Not a casual pastoral search, not a woman of God manner of search, not a business man theoretical search, not an academian search.

Reading the Bible does not mean you pant after God, it may just mean you are not yet employed, so you are whiling away time until your appointment letter arrive and you get busy.

There is one thing I know, if you must remain in the faith, you need an encounter with God. An encounter that is higher than money, that is higher than business, that is the only thing that has capacity to keep you, if you don’t have an encounter, I promise you, the business of ministry with make you grow still.

There are pastors who are good readers of the Bible, excellent revelation of the word but there is no encounter , and you find out they rise, the moment ministry start moving, you can see an unbelievable deviation of convictions. An encounter is the place of intimacy with God, that is the place of pulling, that is the place of dealing, that is the place where your all is coming. If you don’t have an encounter, you won’t grow spiritually.

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Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmack is one of the most-sought-after Nigerian preachers. He is the founder of Eternity Network International (ENI), a ministry which he started March 2011 [8 years ago]. He is also the host of KOINONIA, a weekly programme organised by the aforementioned ministry where people from different part of the world come to Worship and Receive abundant blessing under the great Man of God.

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