Download All Pastor Isaac Chidolue Messages [Free Audio Sermon]

Download All Pastor Isaac Chidolue Messages [Free Audio Sermon] 2

Isaac Chidolue is a Revival preacher of God’s word, filled with the Holy Spirit. Touching lives within and beyond Africa. Leads an influencing organization known as “Christ Reigning People”. He is the Author of the daily inspirational booklet “Channels of Fulfulment” which has been published close to 20 different sections in 5 editions, covering years of steadiness and impact. He is a Mathematician and also an entrepreneur.

Here are some powerful audio sermons by the man of God:

  1. Commandments of Blessings (16mb)
  2. Configuration of Life (21mb)
  3. Creating the Future With Your Words (16mb)
  4. Fulfilling the Master’s Vision (21mb)
  5. Galleries of Faith (21mb)
  6. Generational Damage Part 1 (14mb)
  7. Generational Damage Part 2 (15mb)
  8. Generational Damage Part 3 (11mb)
  9. Godly Exploit (25mb)
  10. I Love You (16mb)
  11. Life Lived (16mb)
  12. Live Your Standard (14mb)
  13. Rescued (16mb)
  14. The Delicate Oil (14mb)
  15. The Need for Vision (13mb)
  16. The Revival System (21mb)
  17. Thy Kingdom Come (16mb)
  18. Unlimited Possibilities (16mb)
  19. Unlocking Blessings Part 1 (16mb)
  20. Unlocking Blessings Part 2 (15mb)


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