Download MP3: The Mystery Of Exemption – Apostle Joshua Selman


The Mystery Of Exemption By Apostle Joshua Selman MP3

Download MP3: The Mystery Of Exemption - Apostle Joshua Selman 1

Time does not decide anything,it only reveals things. You do not have to be educated to understand spiritual things because they are communicated by the spirit.

Revelation is a spirit that God has to open your eyes to receive. The quality of your life is defined by the mysteries you have access to. Exemption from evil/defeat is a provision in the kingdom that can be accessed i.e it is within the power of God to cause men to experience exemption.

Every time you want something from God always know that there is a condition attached and your fulfilling that condition is a demonstration of your trust in God and your authorization to commit Him to de…You really need to listen to this powerful message!


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