Download All Pastor Ife Adetona Messages Till Date (One-Click Download)

Pastor Ife Adetona Messages

Download All Pastor Ife Adetona Messages Till Date (One-Click Download) 1

Ife Adetona is the president and founder of Sons and Daughters of Zion Worldwide, a non-denominational and interdenominational discipleship ministry…

We are happy to inform you that this page contains all the messages/sermons preached by the man of God from inception till date.

Fortunately enough, all the messages listed below are FREE and EASY to download.

All you need do is to click on any message you’d love to download and the sermon will start downloading to your device within 1 second.

Download Pastor Ife Adetona sermons below:

  1. A Living Sacrifice (11mb)
  2. Academic Success (32mb)
  3. Accessing the Power of God (26mb)
  4. An Unliving Servant (8mb)
  5. Anointing against Pestilence (9mb)
  6. Armour of Love (18mb)
  7. Atonement (16mb)
  8. Be Whole (31mb)
  9. Becoming Prophetic (19mb)
  10. Branding and Marketing (12mb)
  11. Breaking the Yoke of Generational Curses (26mb)
  12. Business Sense (16mb)
  13. Character Christians (16mb)
  14. Christian Dress Sense (19mb)
  15. Communicating with the Holy Spirit (19mb)
  16. Compatibility School of Thought (16mb)
  17. Concept of Personal Retreat (19mb)
  18. Concept of Fasting (14mb)
  19. Depression and the Mind (25mb)
  20. Discipleship and Mentorship (16mb)
  21. Divine Healing and Health (16mb)
  22. Dynamics of Grace (23mb)
  23. Emotional Intelligence (23mb)
  24. Exceeding Financial Greatness (21mb)
  25. Exceeding Greatness (21mb)
  26. Exploits at Daniel Band Ministry (26mb)
  27. Favour and Prosperity (11mb)
  28. Fighting Fornication (16mb)
  29. Fighting Lust (14mb)
  30. Financial Floodgates (9mb)
  31. Financial Intelligence A (15mb)
  32. Financial Intelligence B (16mb)
  33. Financial Intelligence C (15mb)
  34. Fruitfulness (9mb)
  35. Goal Setting (9mb)
  36. Greek and Hebrew Tutorial (16mb)
  37. Healing Mantle (26mb)
  38. His Servant (9mb)
  39. Holy Ghost Baptism (14mb)
  40. How God Speaks Today (29mb)
  41. How to be Rich (21mb)
  42. Impartation for Prosperity (19mb)
  43. Impartation for Success (19mb)
  44. In Time Like This (25mb)
  45. Jesus The Redeemer (14mb)
  46. Keys of the Kingdom (16mb)
  47. Koinonia of the Holy Spirit (23mb)
  48. Latter Days Elijahs (16mb)
  49. Learning Book Culture (39mb)
  50. Leverage (9mb)
  51. LFR 2019 Fire Night (46mb)
  52. LFR 2019 Friday Night (46mb)
  53. LFR 2019 Saturday Teaching (34mb)
  54. LFR 2018 Wisdom for Exploits (22mb)
  55. Lust; Mast-rbation and P*rn-graphy (15mb)
  56. Ministry of the Word (18mb)
  57. Ministry Success and Prosperity (19mb)
  58. Miracles via the Holy Communion (13mb)
  59. My Appointed Time (41mb)
  60. Overcoming Fear (14mb)
  61. Overcoming Guilt (13mb)
  62. Power of a Renewed Mind I (15mb)
  63. Power of a Renewed Mind II (12mb)
  64. Power Service Sister’s Conference 2020 (31mb)
  65. Prayer that Works (17mb)
  66. Prophecy and Prophesying at Akure August 2020 (26mb)
  67. Prophecy and Prophesying at Ibadan August 2020 (31mb)
  68. Prosperity Mantle (19mb)
  69. Raising a Prophetic Army (16mb)
  70. Receiving and Proposing (22mb)
  71. Serving God Best (13mb)
  72. Singleness and Mingleness (12mb)
  73. Spiritual Maturity (17mb)
  74. Success Facts (34mb)
  75. TED; After Praying (6mb)
  76. TED; Life Priorities (11mb)
  77. TED; Maximizing Money (6mb)
  78. TED; Maximizing Profit (16mb)
  79. TED; Problem Solving (8mb)
  80. TED; Success Speed (5mb)
  81. The Force of Testimony (19mb)
  82. The Holy Spirit (21mb)
  83. The Second Coming (18mb)
  84. The Seer Ministry (15mb)
  85. The Spirit of Man I (15mb)
  86. The Spirit of Man II (6mb)
  87. The Spirit of Might (23mb)
  88. The Supernatural (19mb)
  89. Time Management (18mb)
  90. Time Managers (18mb)
  91. Tithting: Right or Wrong (29mb)
  92. True Worship (16mb)
  93. Victorious Army (15mb)
  94. Violent Victory over Death and Dearth (21mb)
  95. Wet Dreams and Sex Dreams (11mb)
  96. Wisdom for Career (12mb)
  97. Working from Home (14mb)
  98. Believers Missing God’s Will by Elizabeth Ife-Adetona (13mb)
  99. Breaking the Yoke of Marital Delay by Elizabeth Ife-Adetona (43mb)
  100. Breaking the Yoke of Wrong Relationship by Elizabeth Ife-Adetona (18mb)
  101. Dating VS Courtship by Elizabeth Ife-Adetona (18mb)
  102. Discerning God’s Will by Elizabeth Ife-Adetona (18mb)
  103. Identifying a Man of Vision by Elizabeth Ife-Adetona (11mb)
  104. In the Face of Rape by Elizabeth Ife-Adetona (13mb)
  105. Why Love Fades by Elizabeth Ife-Adetona (7mb)
  106. Pitfall of Boyfriend-Girlfriend Relationship I by Elizabeth Ife-Adetona (13mb)
  107. Pitfall of Boyfriend-Girlfriend Relationship II by Elizabeth Ife-Adetona (31mb)
  108. Understanding Your Spouse by Elizabeth Ife-Adetona (15mb)


Ife Adetona is the president and founder of Sons and Daughters of Zion Worldwide, a non-denominational and interdenominational discipleship ministry committed to bringing everyone into an adequate knowledge of Christ and into a communion with the Holy Spirit by raising holy and spirit filled Christians who will be rapturable. Aside from being a preacher, He is also a prolific author. He has authored a large number of powerful books that across different spheres of life, including relationship, leadership, business, Christian faith, to name but a few. You can read more about him here.

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