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Exodus 3vs2-10, vs 19-21
The following passage talks about Moses and the burning bush. When you read passages like this, most of you don’t understand the context, you just take it lightly.

Do you remember that Moses was supposed to be the Pharaoh of Egypt, he was brought up in the palace, and sincerely speaking, he was doing well. He attended the Kings college, which was the greatest scholarship that anyone could have at that time, and life was going well for him in terms of the pleasure of Egypt, until the Bible says something happened to Him. Let me describe that very quickly..

The Bible says, “when he came to years”, this does not just mean maturity of chronological age, it meant that his destiny (what he was meant to live for) dawned on him.

Do you know that you were born for a purpose? Do you know that there was no need for you to be born if not for you to fulfill a divine purpose?

You imagined that you were born just to marry and have children and to build house and to die. If that were the only reason you were born, then you are just a just a man among a crowd that only came into life to wile away life and to die.

When God made it possible for you to come forth in life, and preserved you through many dangers that you have gone through, He is preserving you because there is a destiny that you must fulfill.

Some of you should have died years ago, you came close to death, but somehow, God said, if he or she dies now, it would have been a waste, the reason why we brought him to life hasn’t surfaced, he has been in the preambles of his destiny, so I sp…

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