[MP3] PROVISION OF THE CROSS by Apostle Mike Orokpo


PROVISION OF THE CROSS By Apostle Mike orokpo mp3[MP3] PROVISION OF THE CROSS by Apostle Mike Orokpo 1

The gospel is the vehicle that communicates the will of God to the people. Reality is the proof that the gospel had been preached. The cure to the power of sin is the cross. The dimension of God that furnishes the ability to walk in the newness of life is the resurrection.

What gives you the authority for your calling is the affliction and what gives you the right standing with God is the blood that was sprinkled on the tabernacle of the earth. All of these are not working because we lack understanding and since there is no understanding we become religious. The reason we struggle in life is because we don’t ca… You really need to listen to this powerful teaching!


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