[Audio] SECURING THE VOICE OF GOD – Apostle Mike Orokpo



[Audio] SECURING THE VOICE OF GOD - Apostle Mike Orokpo 1

The business of life is the business of altar, a man without an altar cannot serve in this world. The voice of God must become our compass of navigation, 90% of the people in the church don’t know the voice of God. We need God desperately, we need verdict from God. Our land is overrun by iniquity, violent, threat of death and epidemic and the cure for it is the voice of God, but where are the men that can secure the voice of God, because His voice comes through men.

The crisis of the humanity is the lack of the voice of God, everything we call crisis is a mirage, the crisis is the absent of the voice of God, immediately the voice of God can show forth darkness will disappear. Everything we do by assumption our souls will be darkened, the voice of God is the greatest commodity of the generation. If you don’t have the assurance of the voice of God you are a religious person and if you are a religious person, you are tr… You really need to listen to this powerful message!

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[Audio] SECURING THE VOICE OF GOD - Apostle Mike Orokpo 2


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