Download MP3: The Spirit’s Template – Apostle Mike Orokpo


THE SPIRIT’S TEMPLATE by Apostle Michael Orokpo

Download MP3: The Spirit's Template - Apostle Mike Orokpo 1

The extent to which you have purged yourself is the determinant factor to be used by God.

A system of the operation of the kingdom is already established; it is already defined. The system that defines the operation and possibilities of God around your life is a system that was fabricated from the internal realm. It cannot be…

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  1. Greatly appreciate dis site for d spiritual provision that affects all other aspects of life positvely d Almighty God bless n reward d pioneers. I notice some of d messages are not complete, precisely ” Engaging d power of d Spirit by Pastor Gbili Akanni” I’ll appreciate if d completed version is reposted peace

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