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THE END TIME IS HERE By Bro Gbile Akanni mp3

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The instruction of the coming of Jesus is the privilege of those who are committed to Him. Majority in the world will enter into it unprepared. A lot of things are happening and the world is interpreting them to be merely natural disasters. They are seeing these things yet they are unaware of it. The instructions which Jesus Christ was giving in Matthew 24 were for men who He was preparing for a purpose. God is speaking to us deliberately and particularly because of what He wants to do with our lives. Even if we tell the people of the world these things, they are likely to act like the men in the days of Noah.

Note that when God started with the people of God, He never asked them to build a temple because He Himself wanted to dwell in them. They were supposed to be His temple but as time went on emphasis was taken away from the heart of men where God would want to dwell, emphasis was now on physical structures so they began to build great edifices as temples. Jesus even went there and had no space there. It became a place of merchandise where there was buying and selling of diverse sorts of things. Jesus had to dr… You really need to listen to this powerful teaching!

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