Download Apostle Joshua SELMAN Messages 2022 & Audio Sermons MP3 (January – December)

Apostle Joshua SELMAN Messages 2022 Download MP3

Apostle Joshua Selman Messages 2022 Download

Do you want to download Apostle Joshua Selman messages 2022 & Audio sermons MP3? Everything you need is on this page, from January to December! Just click on any of the below titles. The download will start in less than 1 second.
  1. Prevailing Prayers – Gaining Momentum 2022 (41mb)
  2. Choose Life – Gaining Momentum 2022 (47mb)
  3. The Power of God’s Mercy @ WAFBEC 2022 Part 1 (33mb)
  4. The Power of God’s Mercy @ WAFBEC 2022 Part 2 (31mb)
  5. Marvelous Light – Koinonia Zaria (33mb)
  6. Marvelous Light – Koinonia Abuja (43mb)
  7. Commanding Salvation Over Territories pt 1 (High Quality) – 60mb
  8. Commanding Salvation Over Territories pt 1 (Low Quality) – 40mb
  9. Koinonia Abuja MIRACLE SERVICE JANUARY 2022 (High Quality) – 61mb
  10. Koinonia Abuja MIRACLE SERVICE JANUARY 2022 (Low Quality) – 41mb

February 2022 Messages

  1. Fruitfulness in Ministry (39mb)
  2. The Price for New Dimensions (39mb)
  3. The Price for New Dimensions 2 (40mb)
  4. Igniting and Preserving Territotial Revival (41mb)
  5. Prevailing Prayers (23mb)
  6. Experiencing Personal Revival (49mb)
  7. Commanding Salvation Over Territories pt 2 (Low Quality) – 38mb
  8. Commanding Salvation Over Territories pt 2 (High Quality) – 57mb
  9. Commanding the Supernatural: The Dynamics of Faith pt 1 – 42mb
  10. Commanding the Supernatural: Engaging The Anointing Pt 2 – 42mb 
  11. Koinonia Abuja MIRACLE SERVICE FEBRUARY 2022 – 32mb

March 2022 Messages

  1. Ancient Worship (28mb)
  2. The Price for Enlargement (54mb)
  3. The fullness of His Glory (53mb)
  4. The Subject of Faith (35mb)
  5. Prayer Cruise at the Core Ministries (54mb)
  6. The Mystery of Death and Glory (24mb)
  7. The Power of Humility Part 1 (16mb)
  8. The Power of Humility Part 2 (15mb)
  9. Complete Deliverance pt 1- 42mb
  10. Complete Deliverance pt 2 – 41mb
  11. Complete Deliverance pt 3 – 50mb
  12. Koinonia Abuja MIRACLE SERVICE MARCH 2022 – 40mb

April 2022 Messages

  1. Special Miracle Service at HoTR Gombe (39mb)
  2. The Ministry of Prayer & the Word (45mb)
  3. The Power of Light (47mb)
  4. The Demands for a Glorious Future Part 1 (17mb)
  5. The Demands for a Glorious Future Part 2 (15mb)
  6. Power Night at Foursquare Church (46mb)
  7. The Power of Destiny Relationships (36mb)
  8. 5 Questions You Must Answer to Be Great (31mb)
  9. SHIFT Conference at HoTR Bauchi (34mb)
  10. The Doctrine of Resurrection (52mb)
  11. Koinonia Zaria April Miracle Service (60mb)
  12. Spiritual Strategies for Perilious Times (47mb)
  13. The Power to Continue: Principles for Sustainable Impact (25mb)
  14. What Seekest Thou? – 37mb
  15. Striving for Mastery – 37mb
  16. The Doctrine of Resurrection – 38mb
  17. Koinonia Abuja MIRACLE SERVICE APRIL 2022 – 38mb

May 2022 Messages

  2. The Coming Revival- Peniel- Encounter With The God of Jacob (33mb)
  3. Prayer And Power Convocation- A Charge On Knowledge  (35mb)
  5. Miracle Service At The Prayer And Power Convocation Awka (47mb)
  6. The Mercy Of God- Winning Through Prayers- Foundations Of Sapphire Part 1 (42mb)
  7. The Mercy Of God- Winning Through Prayers- Foundations Of Sapphire Part 2 (33mb)
  8. STRIVING FOR MASTERY Part 3 (Koinonia Abuja) – 40mb
  9. DISCERNING THE WILL OF GOD (Koinonia Abuja) – 40mb
  10. Fruitfulness In Ministry Global Kingdom Conference Day 4- ( 33mb)
  11. Last Session At The Global Kingdom Conference Day-4 (30mb)
  12. Thy Will Be Done At The Global Kingdom Conference Day 3 (25mb)
  13. Koinonia Abuja MIRACLE SERVICE MAY 2022 – 41mb

June 2022 Messages

  1. KEYS TO DESTINY FULFILLMENT (Koinonia Abuja) – 39mb
  2. THE PRESENCE OF GOD (Koinonia Abuja) – 36mb
  3. By My Spirit (26mb)
  4. Growth And Maturity – Equipping The Saints (35mb)
  5. The Gospel- Equipping The Saints (27mb)
  6. Kingdom Advancement – Equipping The Saints (40mb)
  7. REDEFINING INHERITANCE (Koinonia Abuja) – 40mb
  8. The Manifest Presence Of God-Zephaniah-3_17 (45mb)
  9. Activating The Commanded Blessing- The Power Of Unity (24mb)
  10. Activating The Commanded Blessing Day 2 (44mb)
  12. The Word Became Flesh (43mb)

July 2022 Messages

  1. The Testimony of Enoch (Koinonia Abuja) – 31mb
  2. Let Them Have Dominion (Koinonia Abuja) – 38mb
  3. Walking In Gods Favour Recharge Conference 2022-Global Impact Church (40mb)
  4. The Journey Of Faith Part 1 At VHF University Of Ibadan (36mb)
  5. The Journey Of Faith Part 2 At VHF University Of Ibadan (36mb)
  6. Let Them Have Dominion part 2 (Koinonia Abuja) – 41mb
  7. Apostle Joshua Selman’s Short charge at Koinonia Abuja School of Ministry Practicum – 31mb
  8. Koinonia Zaria – The Seed Of Abraham (33mb)
  9. Koinonia Abuja MIRACLE SERVICE JULY 2022 – 31mb
  10. The Power Of The Highest Part 1(25mb)
  11. The Power Of The Highest Part 2 (37mb)

August 2022 Messages

  1. LET THEM HAVE DOMINION (Koinonia Abuja) PART 3 – 46mb
  2. And They Glorified God In Me (46mb)
  3. Bible Faith (42mb)
  4. Buy The Truth And Sell It Not (29mb)
  5. PENIEL-2022-Witnesses of His Resurrection- Day 2 Jalingo(42mb)
  6. PENIEL-2022 Becoming A Voice (38mb)
  7. PENIEL-2022 Final-Session (43mb)
  8. THE PURIFIED CHURCH (Koinonia Abuja) – (56mb)
  9. THE PRICE FOR NEW DIMENSIONS (Koinonia Abuja) – 49mb
  10. The King Priest Strategy SouthEast Apostolic Invasion Miracle Service (53mb)
  11. As In The Days Of Noah End Time Strategies Southeast Apostolic Invasion (43mb)
  12. The Spirit Of Elijah 1 Wailing Women Worldwide Conference PortHarcourt (37mb)
  13. The Spirit Of Elijah  2 Wailing Women Worldwide Conference PortHarcourt (44mb)
  15. Revival Come The Mandate Rhema Fest 2022 Nairobi Kenya (32mb)
  16. Rhema Feast 2022 Jesus Revealed Day Two Session (35mb)
  17. RUACH Feast 2022 Grand Finale (34mb)

September 2022 Messages

  1. RE-DEFINING THE COMING REVIVAL (Koinonia Abuja) – 52mb
  2. Kingdom Ambassador Conference Day-2 (33mb)
  3. Taking Over Territories-KAC-2022-at-Eden (36mb)
  4. The Sound Of Victory-Ps-11815 HOD Higher Ground Conference 2022 (37mb)
  5. The Lord Strong And Mighty – At Holy Ghost Convention (40mb)
  6. THE ROADMAP TO A TRIUMPHANT DESTINY (Koinonia Abuja) – 54mb
  7. ORACLES SUR LA NATION Authentic Christianity Thus Says The Lord (38mb)
  8. ORACLES SUR LA NATION Birthing Prophetic Seasons Thus Saith The Lord (36mb)
  9. ORACLES-SUR-LA-NATION- Leadership Session – Redefining  Ministry
  10. ORACLES SUR LA NATION- Miracle  Service – THUS Says The Lord (41mb)
  13. Akwa Ibom State 35th Anniversary Special- Interdenominational Thanksgiving (15mb)
  14. Helped By God Part 1 At Soar Conference 2022 (21mb)
  15. Helped By God Part 2 Soar Conference 2022 (35mb)
  16. Helped By God Part 3 Accessing The Ministry Of The Holy Spirit Soar Conference 2022 (35mb)
  17. Building Capacity For Enlargement At Ownership Conference 2022 HOT ,(23mb)
  18. The Prophetic Dimension Of Enlargement At HOT 2022 (27mb)
  19. The Warfare Dimension Of Enlargement Ownership Conference 2022 HOT (28mb)

October 2022 Messages

  2. Arise And Shine RCCG Youth Convention 2022 (26mb)
  3. Decision Decides Destiny (18mb)
  5. The Reality Of Supernatural Exemption (40mb)
  6. Purify My Heart Preparing For Revival (35mb)
  7. Abeokuta Believers Meeting 2022 Upon This Rock (28mb)
  8. Built On The Rock (28mb)
  9. HOW KINGS REIGN (Koinonia Abuja) – 38mb
  10. The Rewarder – Rev 2212 Foursquare Gospel Church (24mb)
  11. They Shall do Exploits His Treasure House (18mb)
  12. They Shall Do Exploits Part 2 

November 2022 Messages

  1. The Rich-Young-Ruler (A Prophetic Word to a Generation) Koinonia Abuja- 63mb
  2. The Congress 2022 Douala Cameroon (38mb)
  3. I Sought For  A Man-Eze-22_30 The Congress 2022 – Douala Cameroon (28mb)
  4. THE DAYS OF HIS POWER (Koinonia Abuja)- 62mb
  5. The Day Of Visitation @ Word Of Life Bible Church Warri (20mb)
  6. I SHALL NOT DIE (Koinonia Abuja) – 56mb
  7. The Mandate Kingdom Summit 2022 This Present House Lagos (31mb)
  8. Dominion- Activate Conference 2022 House On The Rock PH (24mb)
  10. The Day Of Salvation Oasis International Conference 2022 (34mb)
  11. Times And Seasons Oasis International Conference OIC 2022 (40mb)

December 2022 Messages

  2. Bridging The Gap Impact 2022 (34mb)
  3. The Decree Of The Watchers – Action Chapel Impact 2022 (25mb)

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Read This!

How to step into favour this year by Apostle Joshua Selman

I will be teaching spiritual truths that relate to the graces and the spiritual investments that God has so graciously placed upon my life and upon this ministry, and the reason Why the Lord instructed me to teach this please keep that scripture is the be part of This scripture, it says, let me read the whole verse, even as it is meant for me to think these of you all Paul is speaking now, because I have you in my heart what a good shepherd in as much as both in my bonds and in the Defense and confirmation of the gospel and here’s what he says ye all how many all he says, ye all are Partakers of my grace ye all when god calls a man, please listen when God calls a man among the many equipping that God gives to that. Man is, he grants him access to several levels.
Several you should receive by submitting under a man and a ministry. It’s not just spiritual information, but you must be partakers of that. Grace Hallelujah to partake of a grace means to be benefactors of that spiritual investment, and so last week we considered wisdom the spirit of wisdom.
I’m praying that many of us would take out time and listen again to last week’s teaching so that God would grant us grace. The bible calls wisdom, the principal thing, so please pay attention tonight and then the weeks that follow God will help us to touch and teach a long disgraces that he’s so lavishly invested in this ministry. Why is that so, so that your life will become an evidence? It would be clear to you and to creation that you have truly embraced this grace and that with it you will excel in your own life, your Christian pursuit, and then you will help many to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.
If you are with me, please say: amen: there are many graces second corinthians chapter, eight and verse: seven, I believe very instructive statement there. There are many graces that are available for the believers, but paul, even though this context was alongside the grace of giving, but then it also applies to us. He says, therefore, as ye abound in everything in faith, In utterance in knowledge, in all diligence and in your love to us, see that ye are bound in disgrace.
Also in as much as you have been benefactors of these other dimensions, faith, utterance, knowledge, diligence and even having love for us. It is my desire, Paul is saying to see this expression of grace also at work in your life. That means it is possible to embrace certain dimensions and certain levels of Disgrace, and yet the fullness of all of it may not find expression in your life as that yet and like paul god sees my heart that I am desirous that these other dimensions of grace, That many of us may not have come into the experience of that by the teaching tonight.
God will grant us access to this grace. If you’re with me, please say, amen, grace Called favor write it down. Please this grace called favor just write it down and pray in the spirit in one minute.
This grace called favor change. Please pray following online pray. We’re going to tap tonight into deep riches of eternal life.
He was. The son has eternal life. He was.
The son has eternal life. I have the son, [ Music, ], [ Music ] Go ahead and pray holy holy holy [ Music ] holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy holy is the lord god almighty He’s the lord god almighty, [, Music ]. My life is full of your glory: [ Music ].
My life is full of your glory. You pray and the people say holy [ Music ] holy holy [ Music, ] you’re, praying to open up your understanding, You’re praying for the sake of your destiny. You’re praying for the sake of the assignment that is set before you.
One of the mysteries of the kingdom is about to be unveiled. My life is about to change. Thank you.
Jesus for your word comes hallelujah. Please sit down this grace called favor. I do not mean to be arrogant, And forgive me if you ever perceive that there is any communication that represents or connotes arrogance.
We are all products of god’s mercy and grace, but I will tell you one truth and I do not mean to insult your pedigree, for some reason is about the hardest of the graces that I have seen as far as receiving this grace that god has placed Upon my life and Upon this ministry is concerned, I have seen people receive the grace for the prophetic so easily. I have seen people receive the grace for the miraculous so easily. I have seen people receive the grace dimensions of the anointing, the presence of god revelation, but when it has to do with disgrace, called favor.
I do not know why it has been so Difficult, and this is not just my experience alone. I’ve had the honor and the privilege to interact with great great men and women veterans of the gospel within this nation and around the world and for some reason there seems to be the same complaint that it seems as though those who sit under this anointing. For some reason are not able to receive And to replicate this grace, and i’m praying that this case and this narrative will change tonight.
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