A Must Read: Deploying Your Potentials by Tope Ogundele (The Champions Series 52)

Deploying Your Potentials

A Must Read: Deploying Your Potentials by Tope Ogundele (The Champions Series 52) 4
“Deploying your potential is the porter to a life of influence and impact.”– Clarkson O. Adebayo Esq.

Every creature created by God was created with a potential inside of them…

However, potentials are not there to be passive or dormant instead they reside in man as a gift in us to serve a purpose in our world to many generations.

Although the end to the potential in us is to be deployed, nevertheless there’s need to first acknowledge the fact that within us lies a potential that must deployed to help impact lives and destiny, because whatever is not acknowledge cannot be discovered and utilized.

“The acknowledgement of the potential within you is the starting point into discovering your potential” —Tope Ogundele

However, discovering your potential is not enough, but your willingness and commitment to deploy it through consistent nurturing and cultivation of these potentials makes you a gift to many generations.

the purpose of God for us for to use that which He has given to us to change the world for God.

Most times we complain blindly about our state, and fail to see that which is in our hands, it’s like a farmer who is holding a hoe in his hands to harvest his crops, but he is complaining about the hardness of the soil.

See beyond yourself, see beyond your present situation or challenge, envision what will become of your life when you deploy the potentials lying dormant inside of you.

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