DOWNLOAD MP3 – Developing Personal Roots by Bro Gbile Akanni (Part 1&2)


Developing Personal Roots by Bro Gbile Akanni

TEXT:– LUKE 8:5-8, 13

In order to develop powerful victorious Christian life we must dig until we get to the foundation of our lives. There are lots of people that the word of the Lord came to them but it did not do them good because it fell by the way side and it was trampled upon. They didn’t regard it, they took it for granted and the devil has already taken it from their hearts.

At the point of conversion, if you received the word of God, there always one thing that comes, which is the joy of salvation. As soon as you open your heart and Jesus came in and your life have received cleansing there is always joy like a river.

Joy is one of the evidence of new thing that God has done in your life, you may not have money but there is an assurance that God has done something in your life and you will be…

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