[Download Sermon] The Dominion Mystery of Tighting – Apostle Joshua Selman

The Dominion Mystery of Tighting By Apostle Joshua Selman

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Gen 1:26-28,12:1-3,14:17-20
It is God’s idea that in every territory there be apostolic and prophetic voices that coordinate the spiritual growth of a people within the territory.

It is not God’s desire that there be a barrenness of apostolic and prophetic voices that can build and equip people.

A mystery is the secrete code of operation,a hidden strategy usually spiritual that guarantees a predictable outcome Matt 13:11.

Gen 2:15-17 In the kingdom you do not own anything,you only have access. Tithe is an ancient mystery of dominion and your dominion is at the mercy of other mysteries including that of…

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Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmack is one of the most-sought-after Nigerian preachers. He is the founder of Eternity Network International (ENI), a ministry which he started March 2011 [8 years ago]. He is also the host of KOINONIA, a weekly programme organised by the aforementioned ministry where people from different part of the world come to Worship and Receive abundant blessing under the great Man of God.

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