[Download] Koinonia Abuja Miracle Service October, 2023

Download Koinonia Abuja MIRACLE SERVICE for October, 2023 (MP3) with Apostle Joshua Selman

[Download] Koinonia Abuja Miracle Service October, 2023 2

Find below Koinonia Abuja Miracle Service September 2023 with Apostle Joshua Selman Nimmak for Sunday, 29th October, 2023. Here are some excerpts from the programme: Many Believers do not experience the faithfulness of God consistently in their lives because they do not lay it to heart to be thankful. Thankfulness and gratitude are proof of humanity. It’s important we intentionally give thanks for what God has done, while anticipationg what He is yet to do. One of the greatest ways to invest in relationships is to be grateful. If you cnnot contribute value, be lavishly and continuously grateful. You fuel relationships by being grateful. The greatest determinant for the manifestation of God’s hand at work in anyone’s life is the state their heart (your motive). There is no limit to what you can see God do in your life when your heart is pure. To have a purified heart means ensuring you see Jesus revealed and glorified, beyond building an empire (glorifying your desires) or wanting to make a name for yourself. Your degreee of illumination and understanding in the Kingdom governs the manifestation of refults you command in life.

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[Download] Koinonia Abuja Miracle Service October, 2023 3


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