DOWNLOAD MP3: ADVANCE Part 1,2,3,4 &5 By Apostle Michael Orokpo (Audio)

ADVANCE Part 1,2,3,4 &5 By Apostle Michael Orokpo

DOWNLOAD MP3: ADVANCE Part 1,2,3,4 &5 By Apostle Michael Orokpo (Audio) 1

Advancement is the movement or shift from one region to another. It is the process of transitioning from a dispensation to another. Although the nature of God is constant and unchanged, He acts in dynamic ways. Therefore it is important for man to be attentive and consistent enough to know and understand when God is releasing a transitional shift in the kingdom. God’s transitional process is not hidden from man but it can be altered by man. When God decide to lunch spiritual transformation through men, that a group of people is not yielding does not stop God from processing the transformation, but the mercy of God will keep him patient until those involved have been fully pruned and prepared. Spiritual transition is certain and inevitable, so it important that we live with the awareness of it. What heralds spiritual transformation and transition include, the calling home of the fathers of faith, the raising of young armies among the youths and massive revival of souls. Individual children of God also go through stages of personal phases of spiritual transition where God mould and remould them into the stature of mature man in the spirit. When God will decided to address the content of their hearts and assess their character and attitude towards life. To learn more about the concept of spiritual advancement, stages of advancement and process of maintaining spiritual advancement, download the series below and you will be blessed beyond doubt.Click the links below to download the sermons for free

PART ONE- 31mb

PART  TWO- 32mb







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