DOWNLOAD MP3: BLESSED INDEED Pastor Sam Adeyemi (Audio)

BLESSED INDEED Pastor Sam Adeyemi

DOWNLOAD MP3: BLESSED INDEED Pastor Sam Adeyemi (Audio) 4

God almighty, according to His word did not create man to live in poverty and lack. He made us to dwell and be fruitful on the land He has given humanity. He blessed the first creatures and give onto them the ability to act out the blessings attached to His purpose of creating them. The Holy Bible is full of the declaration of God’s blessing to men and the riches of their possession in Him. However, the knowledge of these promises and declaration has been discovered not to equal to the actualization of the blessings. There has been many bible scholars who live a life that is far below the promises of God for them. We can tell of many prayer warrior who are still in the situation which they pray long enough against. This means that it is not enough for you to know what God has blessed you with, you must be ready to know and do what really activates the blessings that you know you have in God. What can be so frustrating as knowing the existence of a treasure but not have the understanding of how to extract or possess such treasure? This is a practical teaching on how to convert your spiritual blessings into a visible and physical blessings.

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