DOWNLOAD MP3: By My Spirit Part 1 & 2 by Apostle Michael Orokpo (Sermon)

By My Spirit Part 1 & 2 by Apostle Michael Orokpo

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In this sermon, three forces that content with men were mentioned: Mountains, The winds and the Waves and Spirit. A mountain come to stop a man from progressing. Men don’t go forward because they are smart but because they are able to remove mountain from their part. The mountain that hinder a man must be removed first before he can make transition in the realm of the spirit. The winds and the waves come to uproot the progress of a man (to come destroy foundations of man). The spirit that manipulate the affairs of men. The forces we deal with are not physical but spiritual. As a mortal man all our advantage must not be in the realm of the flesh but we must ascend to the realm of the spirit to overcome the wiles of the devil. God does not work except by the spirit. The spirit is the foundation of reality. Click on the links below to listen to this ser…



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