DOWNLOAD MP3: ETERNAL WITNESSES By Apostle Michael Orokpo (Audio)

ETERNAL WITNESSES By Apostle Michael Orokpo

DOWNLOAD MP3: ETERNAL WITNESSES By Apostle Michael Orokpo (Audio) 4

The scope of the need of man to encounter God is always limited when compared to the massive and great intentions of God. A man may desire to follow God mainly because He has an urge to do the will God and live for His purpose. However, as brilliant and industrious as this may sound, it does not capture the whole scopes of God. The encounters released by God are never meant to die with a soul. When God respond to a yearning heart, He does not spiritually transact with Him/Her just on a temporal scale of influence. God rather purpose His intentions through the generations of such person. That the passing away of the pioneering person does not result to the passing away of God’s intentions, purposes, covenants and principles. When men encounter God, there are promises that are given, there are covenants that are established and there are laws that are enacted. No encounter can last long without these stated conditions. The promises released during encounters are supposed to be the outcome of the encounter. And There are no man that has an encounter with God without having a promise as seal from God. The manifestation of such promise becomes a generational point of witness among many people. The purpose of covenant in an encounter is to bond the parties involved together that even if a party get emotional and less motivated to carry out his duties he/ she will remember that he become a slave to the covenant and have no choice but fullfil it. To understand the mysteries of eternal witnessing and how God establish His covenant with generation, listen to this sermon and you will truly be blessed.

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