DOWNLOAD MP3: EVOLUTION By Pastor Sam Adeyemi (Audio)

EVOLUTION By Pastor Sam Adeyemi

DOWNLOAD MP3: EVOLUTION By Pastor Sam Adeyemi (Audio) 4

Everything made by God are created for  particular reasons and to preform specific functions. Pain to your body is not the problem, it is the sign of the impending illness that will come after as a result of how you used your body without rest and proper care. It is disheartening these days that it is when we need to rest, that we find more reasons not to rest. When you drain the power on you smart phone do you continue to press and use it? rational smart phone users do not wait until the power is drained before they drop the phone and connect it to charger. Much important than charging your phone and refilling your fuel tanks is knowing when you need to wait and rest. Many in a way to prove themselves special and hardworking, they arrogantly take the place of God by not identifying their own limitations. Your energy is limited, your resources are limited, your mental capacity is limited and everything this is human in you are finite because only the Almighty God is  infinite. In order to make way for evolution and emergence of new season in your life, you must learn how to retreat, you must know and enjoy fellowship with the Holy Spirt as the source of your power, you must understand the power of attitude in the life channeled to succeed. Here is a nice teaching that will propel a shift in your life for good. You shall be blessed listening.

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