DOWNLOAD MP3: GLORY GARMENT Apostle Osayi Arome (Audio)

GLORY GARMENT Apostle Osayi Arome

DOWNLOAD MP3: GLORY GARMENT Apostle Osayi Arome (Audio) 4

There is a dimension in God which is restricted from the human ability and only those with divine authorization can access The dimension of God’s glory. In this dimension, human nature is transformed and become totally new. In the begining, man was in the nature of God that it was easy for God to come down and communicate with man without ” Ephod, or sounds of brass and trumpets” . God communicate with man with ease because He clothe him( man ) with His Garment of Glory and this enabled man to have access to God. At the fall of man, the ability to see,think, or breathe was not taken away from man, however, he was dead to the glorious nature of God. He then could not fellowship with God and clothes in His glory. Man then needed to make fig leaves to cover his nakedness that was exposed by the departure of the glorious garment. You rightful place is the glorious presence of God and in there you can fully manifest your greatness and fullfil your God given destiny. Here is a nice teaching that will expose you to the knowledge of your real identity and how to live in the reality of God’s purpose for your life. You shall be blessed listening.

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