DOWNLOAD MP3: GLORY REALM By Apostle Ude Educkuwu (Audio)

GLORY REALM By Apostle Ude Educkuwu

Apostle Edu Udechukwu messages

Our walk with God is in levels and realms. We move from a stand point to another one as we learn to fellowship with God deeper and deeper. When Jesus said greater work than He shall anyone who believe in Him will do, it means the closer we are to God through our fellowship with the Holy Spirit, the powerful we become to fulfill the dominion mandate on earth. God’s glory is the expression of His greatness, therefore anyone who would transcend in to His glorious realms must be far from unrighteousness. Many believers wish to have as testimony the record of glorious fellowship with God thar birth an unprecedented experience, but not all of them are willing to walk the glorious path with newness of mind and upright heart. This is sound that will help you understand your position in the real of glory and how you can move higher and higher. May you be blessed as you listening.

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