DOWNLOAD MP3: LIFE OF WORSHIP BY Apostle Femi Lazarus (Audio)

LIFE OF WORSHIP BY Apostle Femi Lazarus

DOWNLOAD MP3: LIFE OF WORSHIP BY Apostle Femi Lazarus (Audio) 4

The act of worship is a significant topic in the Christain settings everywhere. Many thought is the act of singing a solemn song with a gentleness onto God. While some thought worship means going to the house of God frequently to perform spiritual rites. As important as these spiritual exercise are, they not are enough to define the real act of worship. Worship is not an activity but a way of life. The life that seek to glorify God in all things not just for what He did or has done nor for those He did not do but simply for who He is. You may sing so many melodious songs to the lord simply because you have a good voice and retentive memory to arrange them accordingly but this does not amount to the true worship that is done in spirit and in truth. That you don’t just appear happy because your project was successful as planned, that you don’t just speak of God’s faithfulness because it seems your dreams are coming to pass but you are happy even in the midst of troubles because you know that nothing material or physical define God better than His love and mercy that endure forever. When you can dance and rejoice before God with good heart even without songs or beat but with your heartbeat you are convinced that your case either in riches or poverty is not a surprise to God and you keep up a life that glorify God in all do. Then you are a true worshiper. This is nice teaching that will build your holy character and spiritual stature, I am convinced you will be blessed listening.

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