DOWNLOAD MP3: MONEY MAGNET By Rev. Sam Adeyemi ( Audio)

MONEY MAGNET By Rev. Sam Adeyemi

DOWNLOAD MP3: MONEY MAGNET By Rev. Sam Adeyemi ( Audio) 4

The law of attraction is applicable to all things including the ability to create wealth. It is one of our heritages in Christ to attract all perfect and good things that are made available by God. It is disheartening that instead of attracting all these good things and adequate wealth, many children of God have been attracted by them and lured into various temptations. Magnet is a powerful element that attracts any kind of metallic matters without necessarily running after such object. However, in a way to attract a bigger object the magnet as well must be bigger and strong enough to balance such objects. Such is the case of any man that wishes to attract wealth and prosperity. Instead of thinking on how to dupe people or how to steal money or cut other corners to make wealth, you must consider increasing your value that attracts greater compensation from the industry or market in which you have your operations. To learn simple but important traits that boost your values and place you on the right position of attracting the right wealth that you deserve, download this sermon and you will be glad you did.

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