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UNITY OF THE FAITH By Apostle Mike Orokpo

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The central spiritual monument that unify christians in all universe is faith. It is important to know that the there was a language used during the earthly ministry of Jesus and the accounts of His life were written using such language but now there is no really a language of the world that does not have a separate name for name Jesus apart from the Hebrew name. Mind you, whenever they pray in that language using the name of Jesus as there native language permit them, they receive answer from heaven. Meaning that it does not matter if you use the Hebrew version of the name of Jesus nor the Greek version nor the English version, what matters is your faith in the name and love for the person of Christ. Therefore we need to understand what brought about unity of faith in the body of Christ even when we speak generally different native languages and are brought up from different ideologies. The body of Christ (Church ) as been described as a building which does not exist in isolation or depends solely on only one kind of materials but on harmonized set of dependable materials. Each mold or block may look decent and nice on its own but until two,three and more block are decently put together covered with plank and roof, there will be notting to call a building. Unity of faith is only achievable when each members of the body of Christ has mature spiritually and no more babes that needs physical laws and principles to submit to one another or complement what the other person is doing. This is a nice teaching on the subject  of faith and unity of the body of Christ, your horizon will be broadened listening to this message. Click the links below to download sermons now 

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