Download PDF: TIME & TASK MANAGEMENT by Pastor Ife Adetona

TIME & TASK MANAGEMENT PDF by Pastor Ife Adetona

Download PDF: TIME & TASK MANAGEMENT by Pastor Ife Adetona 2

This book is a life changing manual. Some years ago, I complained to God that 24-hours seem not to be enough for me to run the work of the ministry any more. I was expecting to get a pat on the back but what I heard from the Holy Spirit was shocking. He said, “if you claim that 24- hours is not sufficient for you then you are either doing doing what you are not supposed to be doing or you are doing what another person ought to be doing for you”. Those words launched me into a research and the applications of the principles of time and task management. This book is a product of that endless study, application and experience. you are probably in the same shoe I was or you have studied a lot about time management principles, I can assure you that more discoveries await you in this masterpiece.

There is a direct relationship between your reading rate and the probability of your success in life and career. It is the belief of the author that you can increase your time value and employability if you read the kind of books you ought to read and when you read more of them. The second part of this book will equip you with book reading skills that you have rarely come across thus improving your overall value in life. The book is written in simple and clear language and all the principles contained therein are applicable, practicable, tested and trusted to the glory of God the Father. This is a book that you should read at the beginning of every Month or periodically to keep you in balance. Click the below button to download now (800kb)

Download PDF: TIME & TASK MANAGEMENT by Pastor Ife Adetona 3

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Pastor Ife Adetona is the president and founder of Sons and Daughters of Zion Worldwide, a non-denominational and interdenominational discipleship ministry… Click here to download over 100 messages by Daddy.

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