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The Mystery of Perfection [Love] by Apostle Joshua Selman MP3

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Text:- Matthew 5:43-45

The reason why some people do not rise into perfection is because fundamentally they lack love. Some people thought when we talk about love we mean affection, No! The subject of love has been a hindrance to the healing power, financial prosperity coming upon individual, why God will not give certain people kingdom influence and mantle of honour.

Lack of love has hindered the glory of God from coming into our lives. We leave in a generation that is obsessed with curses and judgement, if anyone wrong us we always want to curse and pass judgement.

Many times we have injured the wounded soldiers because we are not looking at intention but action. Many marriages broken, brothers and sisters don’t see eyeball to eyeball because we are expert in judging actions above intentions. If you are in this you are short circuiting the…

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